KEN Artificial Intelligence


KEN QA is derived from KEN AI platform and it is easy to use deployable tool for gamut of applications where the App can be used to train, annotate and deploy AI models for maintaining the integrity of manufacturing processes.

  • Our AI called KENTM sits on top of the existing infrastructure, making the system intuitive to the incidents captured in Camera to eliminate any occurrence of lapse.
  • The vision - processing makes use of algorithms that assess the images and extract required data, run the important inspection, and finally make a decision.
  • In the end, the conversation is normally achieved via way of means of both a discrete I/O sign or data dispatched over a serial connection to either a tool which is logging statistics or used for the next action.

Key Features

KEN QA is an automated quality compliance tool that can be deployed on the assembly line of the manufacturing plant. The tool is aimed at reducing the time and effort needed to inspect for visible quality issues.

The key features of the solution are:

  • Quick to deploy on any type of cameras that can be bought off the shelf in any place.
  • Can be used with any other visual tool such as Ultrasound & X-ray.
  • Customers can train the AI as per the cue.
  • Seamless deployment.
  • Custom UI can be developed as per need.
  • Easily integrates with the pre - existing system.


  • The KEN AI platform simplifies and accelerates the process of working with deep learning across familiar frameworks.
  • It can automatically design a deep learning model for your custom data - set, thanks to our advance AutoML feature.
  • You will have a good performing model up and running in no time - in few seconds.