Power Management Device

10 KW Grid Tied Inverter

  • 12 kw Solar Grid Tied Inverter is energy efficient and internationally compliant solar fed grid tied Inverter
  • 2 MPPT channels each of the capacity 6.6kW with 4 Switch Synchronous buck-boost typology
  • 3 level TNPC energy efficient topology for Inverter section, good power quality by providing low total harmonic distortion levels.
  • Compliance with functional safety standards and with critical protection features
  • ARM core based controller with advanced algorithms for MPPT, Grid Synchronization and Protections

Technology Highlights

  • STM32H7 series ARM Cortex M7 core with double precision floating point unit running at up-to 480MHz, Controller for MPPT and Inverter section.
  • Multi - mode control in buck and boost stage of 4 switch synchronous DC-DC converter and PWM technique with better output power quality.
  • Grid synchronization ensured with phase locked loop control.
  • Wide band gap 4 terminal SiC MOSFET as switching devices for low switching loss, high switching frequencies and better thermal performance
  • Single Power Board with 2 MPPT Converters and 3 Level TNPC Inverter sections to ensure better EMI/EMC performance and compact size.

Main Features of the Product

  • High efficiency
  • Wide input voltage operating range
  • Built-in protection
  • 3 level highly energy efficient Inverter topology
  • High Power Quality with reduced THD level
  • IP65 protection class compliant
  • High PV energy harvest through efficient MPPT
  • Grid integration standard compliance with following standards: VDE-AR-N 4105, EN 62109, EN 62000-6-1, EN 62000-6-3, UL1741, IEEE 1547

  • International safety class compliant
  • Fine-tuned for Indian conditions
  • Futuristic technology
  • Digital display with fault indication
  • Human machine interface (HMI) for easy control
  • Supports high array to Inverter ratio
  • USB host for local firmware upgrade
  • EN/IEC 62109-1, EN/IEC 62109-2 grid safety standard compliant

Customized product development support

Power Management Device 12 KW