Ethernet/RS232 changeover switch, microcontroller, firmware, embedded

Ethernet/RS232 changeover switch - Description


Ethernet/RS232 changeover switch is designed for Railways Signaling network. The rack mountable changeover switch interfaces with the existing Railways Signaling network system.

The switch components selected are Railways - grade and the form factor is designed to be a drop - in replacement. The switch is also designed as generic switch for changeover switching functions.

A smart microcontroller monitors and controls the switching function. The firmware embedded into the microcontroller constantly monitors the switch for any fault condition. The microcontroller also monitors an emergency switch for manual changeover.

Ethernet/RS232 changeover switch - Highlights

  • Microcontroller based switching
  • Railway - grade components
  • 3 Ethernet ports
  • 14 RS232 ports
  • Emergency changeover Switch