Functional Test, FCT, Low Cost Test Strategy

Functional Test (FCT) - Product Description

Functional Test, FCT, Low Cost Test Strategy

Functional Test(FCT) is carried out on the assembled PCBs(called PCBA). FCT is the quality control test at the final stage of the production line before shipping the PCBA to the customers. Miniaturization of components and boards makes probing and fixtures difficult. The Low cost PCBA Functional test does not use any probes or fixtures.

The Functional Test Software runs in a external hardware. The external hardware interfaces with the board under test through edge connector. The Functional Test Software accesses each device or component on the board, sends commands to the device, reads and writes to the device to test the functionality.

Our Functional Test software is designed to have a single button and Operator friendly test to detect manufacturing issues. FCT test is low cost and closure to the actual Functionality and Electrical Environment of the board.

FCT Advantages

  • Low Cost Test Strategy - No probes or Fixtures
  • Board Powered and Functionality tested
  • Edge connectors tested
  • Detect manufacturing faults - Open, short, missing components, faulty components
  • Debug menu to isolate component/device level issues
  • Test Logs Capture and Analysis