Railways, AC Controller, Energy Solutions

Safety - Critical Embedded Solutions for Railways

AC Controller Board for Trains

  • Micro controller based Smart Controller system to monitor and control the AC sub system in the Indian Railways AC coaches.
  • Designed and developed as per the RDSO specification.
  • Approved by RDSO and installed in Indian Railways AC coaches.
  • System consists of a Control Unit and a 7-inch TFT display Unit.
  • Control unit monitors and controls the AC sub system by sensing the temperature and humidity.
  • Faults and Events are stored in the non - volatile memory.
  • All system parameters and faults are displayed in 7-inch TFT display. User buttons available for modifying the system configuration.
  • Faults and Events are send through GPRS to server for Remote Monitoring.
  • Modbus interface for external interface.

Railways Capabilities

  • Expertise in CBTC Systems.
  • Safe and Reliable Hardware/Software solutions.
  • Interlocking and In-vehicle solutions.
  • Technology Retro for legacy systems.
  • Technology Solutions for Test and Maintenance.

Intelligent Input/Output Cards

  • Intelligent input/output cards to process real time high voltage signals.
  • Optical isolation for high voltage signals.
  • Each card to interface 5 high voltage signals and transport it as RS485 packets.
  • EMC/EMI Tested, Elevated Temperature Tested at +55 Degree Centigrade.
  • Input/Output Cards Test Setup (Actual cards mounted in Racks).
  • 50+ cards daisy chained.
  • 250+ signals multiplexed.
  • Multiplexed signals carried over RS485 to gateway.

Intelligent Data Logger System

  • System designed for preventive maintenance of trackside devices.
  • Monitors the trackside device Axle Counter health.
  • Data Logger hardware connected to each trackside device.
  • Data Loggers networked via RS485 or Ethernet to form a private network.
  • Axle Counter health data is periodically collected by each Data logger.
  • 7 days of health data locally stored.
  • USB interface to collect the data locally.
  • Gateway collects Data Logger data periodically and uploads it to the Cloud.

Wireless Train Control Simulator

  • Emulate Train Control Signals.
  • Targeted for maintenance purpose in the absence of trains.
  • Handheld Battery Operated.
  • Binary FSK communication system.
  • HDLC Protocol on top of the physical RF channels.
  • Antenna for low frequency RF Transmission.
  • Atmega328P-AU, SPI, UART, HDLC, EEPROM, RF Transmitter and RF Demodulator ICs.

Conversion to IP Network

  • System to replace legacy network to IP network.
  • Proprietary Railways Protocol to IP Protocol.
  • Geographically distributed nodes built on Intel processors.
  • Data and Error Logging Mechanism for Nodes.
  • Remote monitoring and configuration of nodes.

AC Coach Controller

  • Double Decker AC Coach Controller.
  • 110V digital inputs – 22 numbers, Relay outputs - 20.
  • Controls 4 Compressors, 4 Condensers, 4 Blowers and 2 heaters.
  • 6 Temperature sensors for Source Air, Return Air and Fresh Air.
  • Humidity and Pressure Sensors.
  • Modbus Interface.
  • Faults and Events logged in internal EEPROM.
  • GPS/GPRS interface for remote monitoring.
  • 7 inch TFT display.
Railways, AC Controller, Energy Solutions